Smart Charging for Utilities & Grid Operators

The first-ever vendor-neutral EV charging software that reduces costs and makes charging clean again

Available also as white-label

Increase the efficiency

Our predictive technology manipulates loads of electric vehicles and gives you direct control in order to avoid grid investments as a utility.




Maximize the use of renewables

ChargingLedger helps to ensure the efficient use of renewable and local energy for EV charging by matching charging cycles with predicted solar, wind and hydro energy.

Improve the customer experience

Your customer uses clean energy for less. Additionally, ChargingLedger prevents time-consuming upgrades for customer's grid connection when adding EV chargers.

Optimize your grid for residential charging

  • Reduce peak-consumption more effectively between 5-10 PM.

  • Avoid sharp load ramps due to time-of-use rates by managing the start-up times.

  • Avoid grid constructions and long waiting times for new or upgraded grid connections.

  • Access the charging stations for emergency scenarios to prevent blackouts or restarting the network.

  • Deliver local renewable energy and integrate DERs in a residential area.

Match EV charging with energy prices

  • Avoid high energy costs when supplying energy to EV charging stations

  • Offer new EV rates and EV programs to residential or commercial customers

  • Delivery affordable energy and price certainty for fleets

  • Increase your margin and become more competitive in the market

Use ChargingLedger as white-label service

  • Offer individual smart charging solutions to your commercial and residential customers.

  • Combine smart charging with energy rates and other services to match the customers need.

  • Increase the loyalty of your customer and strengthen the visibility of your brand.

  • Plan your costs and risks by having ChargingLedger as software maintainer.


Shopping Centers



Health Center

Parking Management

Office Buildings

Industrial Enterprises

Schools and Universities

Your customers

Your offering

Fast implementation

Cost efficient charging

Risk management

Easy interface 

Hands-on dashboard to see costs

Standard and customizable reports

Show current metering

Enable managed charging for customers

Control your customers' EVSE with our communication platform

Increase your and your customer's impact on the environment and let them set their KPIs

Integrate your customer's solar panel to increase his self-supply

Combine With Our Grid Optimization

Combine the energy optimization with ChargingLedger's grid optimization methods

Prevent high utilization rates and possible constraints on substation or grid lines

Avoid street constructions or long grid projects in your service area

Optimize you customers' Energy Mix

Match green energy with EV charging using ChargingLedger's analytic platform

Schedule charging cycles when you deliver renewable energy to your customers

Increase your overall consumed renewable energy to achieve the utility's targets

See how you can give the best experience to your customers

Use case

Using ChargingLedger for a residential electric subnetwork with 250 households to optimize the utilization of transformers

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