Optimization tool for EV charging networks to charge cheap and clean

"Enabling smart charging of electric vehicles is key to reducing the impact on our power system costs".
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Optimize EV charging

Schedule and control charging remotely


Use algorithms to send optimized load profiles

Match EV charging for your needs

Charge clean

Our predictive technology helps you to maximize the use of renewable energy 

Reduce costs

Our advanced optimization technics reduces EV charging costs

Integrate fast

Our interface makes integration of hardware seamless and vendor-neutral

Who it helps
  • Reduce energy costs

  • Charge clean

  • Install EV chargers faster & cheaper

  • Expand lifetime of substations 

  • Increase reliability for electric grids

Charging networks
How the product works

Step 1

Connect vehicle and charging station

When arriving on-site the driver simply connects the vehicle's charger to the charging station. Optionally, he uses a user interface (e.g. app) to start the charging process.

Step 2

Communication to ChargingLedger

Our system uses standard communication protocols between the software and the charger (or EVSE network) to receive information about a new connected car. 

Step 3

Optimization & remote controlling

Our optimization engine manages the electric loads of connected vehicles, by generating and sending a charging schedule for each vehicle, that is most cost-efficient & environmentally friendly.

How we integrate

ChargingLedger is the first-ever Optimization Engine for Smart Charging as a "plug-in" for EVSE Network and Charging Point Operators


Our goal is to support you in understanding our technology and trends around the energy transition. We offer short blog posts:

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