Smart charging for your business

The first-ever vendor-neutral EV charging software that reduces your costs and makes you charge more clean energy

Reduce energy costs

Our predictive technology helps you to reduce energy costs for charging electric vehicles by avoiding peak power pricing*




Charge clean

Our technology analyzes weather, energy and charging data to make the charging  of your vehicles economically friendly with more solar, wind, and hydropower

Install chargers faster and cheaper

ChargingLedger allows you to install new charging stations without waiting for constructions from utilities or paying for upgrades on your grid connection

*peak power pricing: utilities charge higher prices when you surpass a Kilowatt-limit. For example, charging 6 vehicles at the same time is more expensive than distributing the charging of 6 cars along the day. You pay so cold demand rates or variable delivery charge.

30 %

Reduce energy costs up to 30%

  • ChargingLedger uses your energy rate plan to schedule charging cycles when prices are low

  • Our methods prevent power peaks and unexpected high costs per kilowatt

  • You can set monthly cost limits to plan your financials and track your efficiency

Charge 100% renewable energy

  • Match the schedules of EV charging with solar, wind and hydropower in your region

  • Optional: Connect your own solar panels and increase your self-sufficiency

  • Increase your positive impact on the environment and achieve your company's sustainability goals

100 %

Add more charging stations

  • Prevent any costly upgrade of your grid connection when adding new charging stations

  • Avoid time intensive underground construction or digging when adding new charging stations

  • Plan addition of charging stations with more certainty using our energy reports

Don't commit on one vendor, stay flexible

ChargingLedger allows you to change hardware vendor anytime. Our platform was developed to communicate with various hardware types and manufactures. Hence, you stay flexible for the future and are able to change or add new charging stations to ChargingLedger.

Talk to many EV chargers at the same time

We have developed our communication and data management system with cutting-edge technologies to provide you the fastest and the most reliable optimization possible. Even in the case of maintenance due to updates of systems-parts, we can keep up our network and the full functionality.

No Limit

fast & compatible

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Who we help?

Schools and Universities

Parking Management

Government / Public buildings


Building management / real estate

Shopping centers



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